Our Team



Harrison Guillory has been teaching the Word of God online for three years. He got his certification in ecclesiastical studies as well as his certification of ordination from Christian National Church. He finished business management certification in 2016 from Penn Foster. He has held leadership and management positions at his place of employment for over eight years. 



Marcia Guillory has a passion and drive for leading people to the grace and love of Jesus Christ. She longs to have people discover the joy and freedom you can only find in Jesus and the finished work He has done on Calvary. She is a good friend that will pray, empower, and give resources and teachings on any type of struggle you might be in. She is a person who has a passion for helping and serving others in any way she can. She previously held and led a women's bible study group bi-weekly in Houston, Texas.


Ciara Ibarra is a powerful and mighty servant of the Lord. She is a Texas Native, Wife, Mother, Writer, and Worshiper. She received her Deaconess Ordination at Christian Leadership Institute. She currently leads an all women’s Bible study group on Facebook and Instagram called PureofHeartRedeemedbyFaith. She is actively busy in creating a women’s Bible study guide which she hopes will become published and be the first in a series of guides to help women learn more about God's Word. She has a passion and desire to serve God and her community. She will be the lead worshiper at Grace United Church.



April Louis is a hard-working mother of three and a good friend to many. She completed high school at Penn Foster and has worked at obtaining her degree in Accounting. She is the sister of Harrison Guillory and has maintained a close relationship with him throughout the years. She is always seeking to help, serve, and give to others. She is sophisticated and detailed when it comes to her lifestyle and work ethic. She has worked in office, secretary roles, and financial services.


 Obert Kebitseope was born in Botswana Africa. He came to the US as a young man to pursue better opportunities for him and his family. With his drive, he was able to finish high school. He's a business man with a lot of experience in the business world. He owns his own company and has finished College from the University of Houston with a bachelors in Management Information Systems. His skills and experience will provide Grace United Church a creative mindset to help empower the community.  


Marsha Seals is a compassionate servant who strives to love God and His people. She is a woman who loves to encourage, motivate, and inspire others to live a greater and purposeful life. She enjoys helping usher and greet new visitors. Marsha is a great supporter to Grace United Church and she is looking forward to serving alongside the team to bring hope and grace to many.


Lupe Muniz is the Outreach Ministry Director of Grace United Church. Lupe has a passion to unite the Beaumont community and help people discover the grace of God through local meetings. She oversees all outreach initiatives and local events that are hosted by Grace United Church. Lupe is dedicated to bringing grace to the Beaumont community by hosting events that target the needs of the city. Lupe currently resides in Beaumont, Texas with her Family.